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People Engagement Audit

Our People Engagement Audit will provide you with detailed insight into the barriers which cause disengagement within your organisation.

Through face to face discussions with your employees, we will provide the level of detail that cannot be provided through an e-survey.

We will provide detailed solutions based on our extensive experience and the experience of your employees and we will invoke a level of trust and credibility, which will ensure that the detail we provide is a true reflection of the employee experience.

In relation to more sensitive issues e.g. Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination, we will not only provide a more detailed picture of the issue but will also identify the causal factors and provide solutions.

Programme design is bespoke to each client and our Director, Glenn Tunstall, will work closely with the client to establish any additional programme aims.

The People Engagement Audit includes a series of confidential ‘task and finish’ groups, attended by employees from the client’s organisation. Our experienced lead facilitator will establish a culture of trust and confidentiality to ensure that the delegates’ responses are a true reflection of the employee experience. Key to the success of this audit is the confidentiality of the delegates’ responses. For this reason, no personal details will be recorded by the facilitator. At the conclusion of the People Engagement Audit a detailed findings presentation will be personally delivered to the client. This presentation is bespoke to each client and will deliver on the agreed aims and objectives of the audit. The client will also receive an interactive analytical tool, which will allow further interrogation of the primary data source.

In summary, the People Engagement Audit will provide the client with a detailed understanding of the factors that are impacting levels of disengagement, which if addressed, will positively impact levels of employee engagement within their organisation. Without doubt, the findings from our People Engagement Audit will provide a detailed and unparalleled insight into the culture of the client’s organisation.

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