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Glenn Tunstall has been a popular keynote speaker at National and International Conferences and Organisational Leadership Events, since leaving the police in 2017.

Whilst Glenn speaks on a number of topics in relation to leadership and delivering an engaged workforce, he is widely renowned for his Kingston Police - Case Study keynote presentation, which he has titled 'Trendy 2B Negative'

This is the inspiring story of a policing command in London’s Metropolitan Police which, under the leadership of Chief Superintendent Glenn Tunstall, went from an underperforming and demotivated workforce to become London’s Safest Policing Borough with the most engaged workforce in London.

Through this presentation, Glenn motivates and inspires his audience with amusing stories, which emphasise the role of leadership in delivering such positive outcomes.

Glenn explains how he achieved such high levels of employee engagement, within a challenging organisational culture and during a period of austerity and considerable organisational change.

If you are looking for a presentation solely based on theory, this is not for you. Whilst Glenn does link his journey to certain aspects of theory, the focus is on providing plenty of practical advice on how to avoid some of the mistakes he made, whilst also highlighting what he found to be the most effective tactics.

This is an opportunity to hear from an inspiring senior leader on how he turned his command into the most engaged in London.

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