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The following testimonials have all been received from delegates who have attended our Engaging Leaders - Leadership Development Course

'The facilitators were all amazing. Their passion in seeing our organisation develop is inspiring. They each presented their wealth of knowledge in an informative interesting and educational manner which left me motivated. I believe if it was another set of people training it would not have been as successful.'

'This course was the most revealing course I have attended during my career. I found it to be extremely motivational and have already identified a number of 'colours' within those I engage with. Moving forward the knowledge gained will assist not only myself be the best I can but, also those I lead.'

'I approached this course with trepidation and a feeling of “deja vu” as I had been on many management courses in the past, most of which had failed to inspire me. However, I was proved wrong on all accounts. Glenn and the team ran the course with a real positive energy and enthusiasm that was contagious. The course was engaging and fun, it had new session styles which I hadn’t experienced before which really got people working together and reflecting upon themselves. Since completing the course, I now see myself as Leader rather than a manager and I have taken some key messages back to my team and I am staring to implement them in the workplace.'

'One of the best courses I’ve attended in over 31 years in the Civil Service. It was thought provoking and reinvigorated my passion in leading my team.'

'This was an amazing course that I believe all managers, especially newly promoted should go on. There is so much to learn and to put into practice. The course is fun and keeps you fully engaged. Especially like how Glenn brings the learning to life through his own experiences. It has given me an insight into how others may view me and my behaviour and how I can also deal with others by understanding their behaviour.'

'I have really enjoyed this course and learnt a lot about myself and how to lead my team, going forwards. The length and pace of the course was just right. Glenn and Mike ensured a positive focus, when we sometimes became focussed on the negative and started to have a moan. Every exercise makes sense and leads you on a journey that feels very natural. Coaching day was amazing, which was good as I have had some very bad experiences in such sessions on other courses. I didn’t want to go back to work as I enjoyed it so much, but will do so with a clearer mind on how to lead my team and increase our successes.'

Without exception the most enjoyable, beneficial and professionally led course I have ever been on! The facilitator enthusiasm is infectious! All aspects of the course had a genuine purpose rather than a means of padding. Outstanding course, Many thanks!!

'Thank you for your time and energy and commitment in helping me recognise the potential I have.'

Probably the most valuable 4 days of learning since starting my career!

'I was really impressed with course and amazed at the insights profile as it made me question some of my habits and styles! I have taken a huge amount from the course and I am already putting it in to practice.'

'Thank you very much for a wonderful learning and development experience. It has boasted my personal confidence and given me a real leadership insight into myself and people I work with.'

'All trainers were amazing, kept us engaged even when we were tired. I actually detest training courses, but this has to be the best I have ever attended. I have taken a lot from the last 4 days and I really look forward to putting into practice as soon as I get back.'

'I wanted to express my thanks for a really enjoyable, entertaining, thought provoking and engaging course. I know that I will be able to put what I’ve learnt to good use, and even did so with one of my ‘red’ staff members yesterday to good effect! I will also be encouraging managers in my team to undertake this training when they get the opportunity to do so as I know they will all benefit from it.'

'The training was different to any leadership course I have previously experienced; the benefits I got from it, I will retain and develop in the workplace.'

'Trainers and facilitators were fantastic, knowledgeable and there was a fun side to everything that we undertook. I learned so much on every day of the course and I feel totally inspired and re-energised to become the leader that I now know that I should be.'

'I tend to be the negative one when asked to go on these types of courses, but I found it to be an extremely positive experience. It’s made me realise I need to give a bit more of me rather than just helping the team out when they need it. I give the course 9 out of 10.'

'Thank you to Glenn, Karen, Ally and Mike for making our four days so engaging (I couldn’t help but use that word).  It is one of the training courses that I will never forget as it was relevant to both my professional and personal life and delivered in such an interesting way. You and your team are amazing!'

'I have completed many psychometric courses, but none of them previously went on to explain how to deal with these personality traits and how to better engage with others. This helped me to understand that my frustrations are another person’s passion.'

'I just wanted to say a big thank you for the course this week. I can’t remember the last time I went on a training course that I was so engaged with and interested in. It’s genuinely really encouraged me to put all the stuff I’ve learnt into action and to be honest, it came at just the right time, it was just the boost I needed.'

'This course has allowed me to learn so much about myself and others. It has definitely provided me with some amazing ideas and skills that I can take forward and implement within my team. The course structure itself was spot in and the 4 of you ensured that each day was as interactive and engaging as it could be. This is definitely one of the best courses I have attended and I would recommend that all managers and senior leaders attend this course.'

'It was an excellent course, which I fully endorse and recommend to any middle managers or should that be LEADERS out there. I am a convert!'

'It was a really enjoyable course and really won over my natural cynicism!'

'I really enjoyed the course and not once did my mind wander off - something which is normally the case during a course! '

'Thank you for a great course. I really enjoyed it, and it's so useful to have these new skills.'

'I have to say that I have been in the job 33 years and this was one of the best courses I have attended!'

'I have very much enjoyed this course, in fact, I would say this is by far the most beneficial course I have ever done.'

'I enjoyed every part of the course and benefited from it massively. It is up to me now!'

'Great course and well presented. New concept for me that I WILL put into practice for the rest of my career.'

'I will refer to my profile regularly, drawing strength from the positives and working on improving the weaknesses. It’s going to be a fantastic guide for me.'

'I like the investment this has shown in us and the value placed on us.'

'This course has been really well thought out, good pace and with a really engaging content.'

'I would also like to say, that following the course I have put all that I learned into action, and I think I have the office in a much better place.'

'I have been employed with the HO 35 years and this was the most interesting and informative course I have experienced in that time. (Genuinely – no sugar coating). Thank you again to yourself and your colleagues who worked so hard with us last week, it was good to meet you all.'

'Thanks Glenn. It was nice meeting yourself and team and Course was not only engaging but also inspiring. I will put all that I have learnt in practice in becoming a more Engaging leader.'

'The stories from both Glenn and Mike help to consolidate and re-enforce the learning experience.'

'One of the best courses I have attended, facilitators were excellent, would recommend all leaders to attend.'

'Thank you for your enthusiasm and the efforts you all put into having us on the course. I can personally say how positive I feel and eager to put things into place'

'I found the course really beneficial, enjoyable and, at times, mentally demanding. You and your team have a really effective, friendly and professional training style.'

'I found the course really beneficial, enjoyable and, at times, mentally demanding. You and your team have a really effective, friendly and professional training style.'

'I would recommend this course to all leaders, as I believe it will create and encourage a new age of leaders.'

'Four of the most valuable days I have had in 15 years of being a leader.'

'Trainers were excellent, very knowledgeable and made colleagues feel comfortable to be on the course.'

'Lots of energy and fun makes the course fly-by. Facilitators are just brilliant, bring everything to life with stories from their own experiences as leaders.'

'The trainers were fantastic, engaging, especially Mike and Glenn. I can’t wait to put everything into practice!'

'One of the best courses that I have ever attended. I have picked up some really exciting ideas to take forward.'

'Trainers and facilitators were fantastic, knowledgeable and there was a fun side to everything that we undertook. I learned so much on every day of the course and I feel totally inspired and re-energised to become the leader that I now know that I should be.'

'Great to have a mix of trainers on different days, more impactive than having a single trainer on each day. I feel energised and inspired to apply what I have learnt with my team.'

'The whole experience opened my eyes and re-energised me to go back to work and make a difference to my staff.'

'All trainers were very professional, experienced and ‘walked the talk’. They were great examples of Engaging Leaders. I feel inspired by this course and will share the enthusiasm with others.'

'The facilitators made the course (all 4 of them). The content was great and really helpful. Having experienced people, who have been leaders, is so more effective than any other training I have received. I feel like some has seen my potential and this has given me so much confidence.'

'Trainers knew their stuff, at no point did I not feel fully engaged. For me this course was at a good time. It has and will help my development. It has made me think about further development and training.'

'It was a well delivered course, in an excellent venue. I think the course has given me a kick to work harder and engage more using the techniques that I have learned this week.'

'A brilliant course with engaging and knowledgeable trainers.'

'Trainers were amazing, bounced off each other very well. Brilliant content, very informative and interactive.'

'I felt all the trainers/facilitators were brilliant - engaging, interesting and able to read the room. This course would be beneficial for managers of all grades.'

'Trainers all clearly very experienced, engaged and great at what they do!'

'This course should be mandatory for all new managers entering the organisation or progressing through the grades.'

'All the team from Merida were brilliant. Thank you for this course and your dedication in trying to make the work environment a better place.'

'I thought all the trainers were excellent in their own ways. Found them to be very engaging, non-judgemental and helpful. This course will make a difference to how I approach leadership in the future.'

'The trainers were both very good individually and working together. One of the best courses I have ever attended in the Home Office.'

'For someone jaded of going on 'Training courses' and easily bored, I found this course extremely refreshing and engaging. Not all textbook theory and fantasy, it was an example of realistic understanding of the leadership challenges we face. It is very easy to talk at people and say "do A B C", it's harder to provide solutions in context, which was achieved very effectively!'

'I feel totally fresh and revitalised. Ready to go back to work next week and implement my new learning. I am excited!!'

'All trainers were very engaging. I have learnt so much and enjoyed every moment.'

'A great course that has made me feel positive and energised about my role for the first time in years! I am looking forward to putting into practice the techniques that I have learnt.'

'The training team were fantastic! I believe this course has pushed me to think more about my own development as a leader.'

'Really good course, really enjoyed all 4 days and feel that I have gained vital skills that I can utilise and put into practice. Glenn and Mike kept the course interesting and focused, keeping the momentum going for all 4 days!'

'Glenn and Mike were very knowledgeable and engaging using both stories from work and their personal lives to communicate and help us to relate to the situations we may face. Course helps build confidence and gave me the confidence to take these techniques and use them in my day to day role.'

'One of the most relevant courses I have been on for years. The trainers were engaging and delivered focussed and fun sessions. I liked that it was a mix of large and small group work and no one was put on the spot, that way I could concentrate without worrying what was coming next!'

'In 20 years I have been on many leadership/engagement courses, however this is definitely the best! Mike and Glenn are fantastic, not once did I switch off. I can't wait to get back to the office and put my learning into practice!!'

'The course was perfectly suited to what I wanted to achieve professionally and personally. It was really well paced with enough gaps to dive into subjects as we wanted.'

'The facilitators were extremely knowledgeable, keeping the course on track and relevant, but also making the whole course fun.'

'In terms of my personal development, this course came at the right time. I found it useful to identify my strengths as a leader and to understand where I needed to improve. I have come away with some great  techniques to make me more effective.'

'Glenn and Mike - amazing!! Just really loved being here this week. You have all restored my faith in the benefits of leadership courses!'

'I have never had so many 'light bulb moments' on a leadership course! I have taken away so many techniques that I can try with my team. The best course I have ever been on!!.

'Every single member of my team would benefit from being on this course. It is the most engaging (no pun intended) development course that I have attended in my 24 years in the civil service.'

'I felt like I have really turned a corner in my development as a leader. I have taken a lot of techniques from the course, especially the day of coaching and I have gained a new coaching partner!'

'I think I surprised myself at how much I enjoyed this course. I was unsure whether 4 days out of my busy week would be worth it, but happy to say it is the best course I have ever attended and I have taken so much away!'

'I found this course to be one of the most fun leadership courses that I have attended. It has really helped me to take a step back and identify what I need to do well and what I need to 'bring back' into my leadership role. I have been able to reflect on what is happening in the workplace both positively and negatively. It has also helped me to understand what part I am playing in that. I feel that this is the start of a new beginning.'

'I feel that if all were given the opportunity to attend this course, we would all have a happier and successful working environment.'

'I have really enjoyed hearing the trainers perspective and personal accounts based on their vast experience. It helped to apply context and made it relatable.'

'The facilitators clearly believe in the content and their real life stories make you think about your leadership style and the culture within the workplace.'

Engaging Leaders: Testimonials
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